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Nationwide Sheet Metal Fabrication

Old World Craftsmanship Meets Cutting Edge Technology

Gotham MetalWorks is a premiere sheet metal company considered to be the foremost supplier of high quality materials for replications, renovations and new construction projects throughout the New York area.

With a brilliant staff of architects, craftsmen and engineers Gotham MetalWorks has been involved with some of the most beautiful, talked about buildings in New York… not to mention a variety of art installations, retail launches, store designs and even the Discovery Channel, making an appearance on “Construction Intervention”.

If you’ve admired the intricate facade of a historical building, if you’ve swooned over an extraordinary copper bar downtown, or found yourself awestruck by a new construction project in Manhattan, Gotham MetalWorks was probably part of it.

Our Mission

We're Fearless.

To put it simply–the harder the job, the more excited we get. Creative problem solving is what we do. At Gotham MetalWorks every day represents a new challenge. Between us we bring over 200 years of experience and a whole list of credentials. Our staff offers the expertise of a Masters of Architecture from Pratt Institute of Design, the knowledge of an AIA architect, and the enthusiasm and creativity of interns from some of the finest schools of Architecture in and around New York City.

We’re Curious.

In the past ten years technology has opened a whole new world in our business. Not all metal companies have embraced this revolution. In our effort to serve you better, we have. The staff at Gotham MetalWorks uses the latest, most innovative programs to model projects in 3D and CAD for maximum precision. In many cases, renderings can be supplied before materials are made so that clients can see exactly what they are getting.

We’re Dedicated.

In a business where “what can I get away with?” is the norm, Gotham MetalWorks stands out. Our staff never cuts corners and never lets down. In fact, Gotham MetalWorks is the first metal shop in the history of New York to go double shift last year—a practice that will continue seasonally in the future. It’s no surprise that over 90% of our work is repeat customers.

Complete Fabrication

From Drawings to Delivery

Our product offerings are varied and of an unmistakable quality. As masters of architectural elements, metal stamping, and historical restoration elements, Gotham MetalWorks has the expertise of seasoned professionals.

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